Drew and I come from totally opposite backgrounds, cultures and locales given we are on opposite ends of the earth to one another. Despite our differences, we knew we were kindred spirits almost immediately. Brothers from another mother.
I have never met anybody quite like Drew.

We helped each other discover and learn about our own masculinity as young men, in the most healthy and positive ways. Drew would pay it forward with all that he learned from me, and I’d do the same with the countless treasures of life and wisdom from him.

Drew had the biggest heart. Which came to the fore whenever he was with those he cared deeply about. And sweet Jerry.

Bro, thank you for always being there for me and showing me first hand the true love of brotherhood. Words cannot express the absolute ocean of impact you’ve made in my life and I’ll forever carry all of it with me in your honour.

I fucking loved all the bullshit. The lifting passion. The struggles. Love. Women. Everything man. Thank you.

Try not to bend all the barbells up there. Till we meet again.

Love you bro.