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Drew was the kindest person to all and had a beautiful heart.

My brother, I hope another dog can feel the joy Jerry did every single day you were with him. Love you broski.

To Jill, Lauren and John- Such heartbreaking news I learned from Gary Ujka, who keeps the RSMS family connected to events happening in the lives of former (and still some current) staff members. I canโ€™t imagine the pain and shock of such news. It sounds like Drew died doing something

Pat & I are so very sorry for your loss. We pray for Drew, for you, and for your family. May God comfort you in this time of sorrow.

May God welcome Andrew into his kingdom with Jesus. We pray that God will bless the Proehl family with peace and comfort during this difficult time.

Drew and I come from totally opposite backgrounds, cultures and locales given we are on opposite ends of the earth to one another. Despite our differences, we knew we were kindred spirits almost immediately. Brothers from another mother. I have never met anybody quite like Drew. We helped each other